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Play Therapy

Where our children heal, grow, and discover their fullest potential freely

guided by psychological research and an evidence-based approach. 

Find out if Play Therapy is right for your child or Teen!

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Play Therapy Singapore by Fecha Yap

What is Play Therapy and who is it for?

Everyone and at any age can benefit from Play Therapy. Research supports that Play Therapy can benefit children experiencing a variety of social, emotional behaviour, and learning challenges. It is appropriate for children who have experienced stressful situations such as death, divorce, domestic violence, relocation, hospitalization, chronic illness as well as those with attention deficit disorders or who have been diagnosed with Autism. There are tell-tale signs of trauma responses such as when a child is not performing academically, withdrawing socially, throwing tantrums, being in fights with their peers and siblings, and bullying others. 

Other times, your child finds themselves in situations that are traumatizing, for example, learning that they are adopted or being placed in a foster environment, their parents separating, having to go to a new school, transitioning from kindergarten to primary school, been diagnosed with a terminal illness,  being bullied by school mates, is disabled, experiencing racism, has autism, is exposed to community violence, being emotionally, physically or sexually abused. As you can see the list goes on. The common binding thread through these situations is that they are out of our control. What is in our control, is the ability for us to help our children work through these challenges in a safe and supportive environment. 

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Problem-Solving Skills

Happy Dance

No More Tantrums 

Raising a Hand

Realise Your Child's Full Potential

Mother and a Child

No More Nightmares 

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Meet our Therapist

Fecha Yap

Certified Play Therapist 

As a highly qualified and accredited practitioner, Fecha strongly believes that the best way to connect with children is through fun and creative play. She has worked with children ages 4 to 16 on a range of challenges. 

Her interest in therapy first began when her nephew was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Since then she has dived headfirst into treatment options and learning about child development. She earned her Diploma in learning disorder and child psychology and became a certified Play Therapist. 

Why Play Therapy?

Why Play Therapy works

"Just because children have the words, it does not mean it will be their chosen form of expression..." 

In play therapy, the therapist provides children with a more adaptive method to express themselves – the language of play. Play therapy allows children to process complicated emotions whilst developing skills to process their experiences, make sense of the world and problem solve.

Neuroscience evidence shows that play triggers the brain to release happy hormones such as Endorphin and Oxytocin. These hormones foster feelings of emotional health and connection, supporting the therapeutic relationship. It reduces aggressiveness and anxiety, brings a calmer mood, encourages openness to learn, and produces a better sense of well-being. With guidance and support from a trained play therapist, positive use of the therapeutic tools in a safe environment will create new connections in the brain that lead to behavioral change.

Find out if Play Therapy is right for your child or Teen.

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Many children need support in emotional literacy.  Others have behaviour or mental health challenges at some stage that prevents them from fulfilling their full potential.

Certification by PTUK requires applicants to have completed an accredited training programme that is based on the required competencies and has been validated by clinical outcomes research.

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