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Meet our Therapist

Fecha has worked with children and families in a variety of settings in the community, including private practice, private agencies, not-for-profit organisations such as the Singapore Association for the deaf, Canossaville children’s home, club rainbow organization which caters to children with major chronic and life-threatening health issues.


Fecha's clinical strengths lie in working with very young children, children with special educational needs, and young adults. Her areas of expertise include play therapy, activity therapy, and therapeutic parenting. She also specialises in helping children and families heal from trauma. 

Fecha has often seen first-hand how all behaviour is communicated and children are often unable to verbalise their experiences and strong emotions in the same way that they can express them through play. Learning how to speak their language, the language of play can provide access into a child’s world which is often left silent.

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Fecha is a Certified Play Therapist with a Post Graduate Diploma in Play Therapy (PTUK), a certified therapeutic water play and Lego therapist, and a certified Autplay therapist. She also holds a business degree but music has always inspired her and she began her career working with children as a music educator for piano. As a true lifelong learner, she aims to improve her skills as a therapist.  

Fecha Yap's Qualifications include: 

  • Certified Play therapist

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Play Therapy (PTUK)

  • Diploma in learning disorder and child psychology

  • Member of play therapy international (PTI)

  • Certificate in water play therapy

  • Certificate in lego therapy

  • Training in fillial play

  • Certified Autplay therapist 

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