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How you raise healthy children by taking care of yourself!

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Parenting is hard work. It becomes so easy to stop caring for yourself or to get overwhelmed​ with the number of things you have to do throughout the day. But, when you stop caring for yourself, your ability to care for your child is greatly impacted and your ability to enjoy parenthood is also impacted.

Why Take Care of Yourself?

When a woman is pregnant, it is easy to see why taking care of herself is important. If she smokes, the baby gets exposed and doesn't grow well. If she is stressed or depressed, her body's responsive hormones cause a tremendous amount of negative effects on her baby. If she eats poorly, the baby is at risk for growth issues.

But once the baby is no longer a part of her body, it is easy to forget that tight association between how she cared for herself and how she cared for her child's health. It isn't selfish to continue to treat your body in the same way.

It Isn't Selfish to Take Time to Exercise!

A parent who is well-rested, eats a healthy diet, gets plenty of exercises, maintains close relationships with friends, and gets help when they realize they are not coping well, is far more equipped to be the best parent they can be than one who doesn't do those things.

It isn't selfish to take time to exercise or to get adequate sleep each night.

Your Children Are Watching You…And Want to Be Like You!

Here's something to think about... If you never drink water, how could you ask your children to drink 8 glasses a day? If you never exercised, how could you tell them it is important to exercise in order to be healthy? If you look at yourself through the eyes of your child who is "watching you" and "wants to be just like you," would you see a good example?

So, take a look at your schedule, call a family meeting and figure out how you can carve out time to look after you self to be the best parent you can be. When you look back over the years, you'll thank yourself for making you a priority to enjoy your future years with your children.

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