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Need Ideas for Quality Family time?

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

We've got you covered! Here are four fun ways you can spend quality time with your family! Quality time is important as it helps strengthen your relationship with your children and lets them see a different side to you!

It also helps your child build strong social and emotional skills such as compassion, empathy, and a strong sense of security within themselves. This is so that when your child goes through a tough time at school, or with their friends, or experiences a traumatic event are more likely to open up to you and share their experiences.

Have a “Yes” Night!

You need to be brave for this one! In the movie Yes Day!, parents say yes to everything! Tell your children that you are going to have a “Yes” night. Whatever activity they want to do your answer has to be “yes.” There are ground rules, of course, nothing unsafe or against the law. Secondly, it needs to be considerate of others and not involve purchases that will hurt the family budget. Otherwise, go for it! I guarantee they will be talking about this night forever.

Whether you do some or all of these activities, you’ll not only bond with your children, you’ll set an expectation of how people should treat them. It’s important that we communicate to our children that they are worthy of attention and investment.


Teach compassion, humbleness, and a better appreciation for what your family has. Volunteering and community service are all about showing our children how to give back and serve others.

From soup kitchens to building homes through Habit for Humanity, they come in contact will all sorts of people, from all walks of life. To young children, it is a look into the real world, and how doing the right thing can build a great sense of accomplishment.

Share your favorite childhood book with them.

A favorite ritual for many kids is being tucked in bed with a good story. Reading the same “Happy Bunny” story over and over again can get old, but as your children gets older, you’ll get to share with them some of your favorite stories from childhood.

Do something nice for Mom just because.

Whether it’s picking out a small bunch of flowers at the grocery store or making breakfast in bed (or both), teaching your children how to surprise mom with simple gestures “just because” is a practical way to express unconditional love.

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